Serving the Lower Mainland, Okanagan and Vancouver Island.

Boss has partnered with, run by Property Headhunter Christina Potter.
Representing property used for the Commercial,  TV and Film Industry. Properties managed by Christina include mansions, heritage homes, yachts, luxury and collector cars, acreages and houses among many other options.   Looking for that perfect place to film your movie, TV series or commercial? Chances are she has it or will find it. Christina's background as a Licensed Realtor with over a decade of experience in BC and the United States give her the experence to manage your property for the Entertainment Industry. Other news about Christina; Board member of the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame as well as a founding member of the newly formed BC Performing Arts Museum and Archives. Her experience working in Film and TV, as well as Real Estate Agent, provides clients and production companies the experience they need to get the location they want.

Have a Great Property You Wish to Rent?

Please send Christina photos and more details about your location you think would make a great location for filming!

Contact : [email protected]