Serving the Lower Mainland, Okanagan and Vancouver Island.

-Do you need some extra cash or a part time job?
-Are you a senior who is bored or lonely and would like some extra cash?
-Are you willing to be on set early in the morning if needed?
-Are you able to travel to locations easily via transit or your own car?
-Do you have regular internet access, an email you check regularly and a reliable phone?
-Do you follow through on commitments once made?
-Can you work a 12 hour day if age 17 or older? (some days can be longer than others!)
-For children/teens or babies under the age of 17, do you have a chaperone or parent that supervise all day?
-Can you be patient and quiet when needed?
​-Can you legally work in BC?
-Can you work around famous people without turning into a 'fangirl'?
-Do you keep a 'standard' hair color (ie: brown/blonde/black/grey,etc..). Unfortunately as fun as lime green or purple hair can be, it does not blend well into the background of a movie!
-You are a punctual and reliable person

-Non-Union Background performers make min wage for most shows booked. Sometimes rates may be higher depending on needing you for a special skill (ie: playing hockey in a scene). 
-A recent photo (selfie/phone photo is fine)
-Stats (Age/Weight/Height)

We will contact those we are interested in. 
Thank you.

​Submit by  emailing [email protected]


Boss Background pays our performers via Direct Deposit!

Gone are the days of waiting for checks or having to pick up checks!